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  • Kitchen Spraying

    Renew Don't Replace

    Why go to all the trouble and upheaval of replacing your kitchen when we can make your kitchen units look brand new using our innovative spraying technique!

  • Scotland's Experts

    25 Years' Experience

    Kitchen Spraying Expert is part of the King Specialist Coatings Ltd group of companies. We have vast experience in the spraying of all surfaces and only use products which last the tests of time. Kid proof, pet proof and future proof!

  • The Process

    How we do it

    Our qualified kitchen specialists will liaise with you throughout the whole process. Once you choose your dream colour and style of finish, we'll do the rest. With a state of the art spray booth located just outside Glasgow, you can be sure the results will be outstanding!

Our Services extend beyond spraying kitchens, as professional experts in all types of wood and surfaces we know exactly what your items requires.

Once a specialist paint is applied to kitchen or furniture it must be cured.

What is cured? Why is it so important?

Forced curing is often one of the most misunderstood parts of the wood finishing process.

Finish or coating failure many times is the result of improperly cured coatings. Basic thermodynamics for curing wood coatings: Curing technology actually usually starts with the board surface temperature before the coating is applied then the temperature of the liquid coating as it is applied.

The first curing step of the coating after it is applied depends on the solids content, resin, binders, and solvents that make up the coatings.

Evacuation of solvent through forced air and heat in combination is the first step after the coating has been allowed to flow out. Then depending on the chemistry, raising the board surface temperature to the optimum level in the optimal amount of time is the goal.

This is where we see many times that the target BST to create cross-linking, snap curing, polymerization, and other critical chemical reactions isn’t achieved.

Products are then packaged and put in the field with improperly cured coatings. They are susceptible to moisture, chemical, scratch and mar damage.

Coatings perform best and achieve their peak performance when they are properly cured.

At our state of the art premises we have the latest in curing technology, when we spray at your home we use the mobile curing unit. If you choose someone to spray your kitchen who just turns up applies paint and leaves your kitchen will not last long, paint used in spraying kitchens is purposely blended to assure you the client that your surfaces will withstand every day use.

The paint we use is market leading, it is soft to touch, and is the following :

  • 2K WaterBased Technology
  • Self-Healing formulation
  • Dull Matt Appearance
  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Anti-Fingerprint

This ensures that when you choose us we know that we can deliver not only quality finish but the service to go with it.
We don’t aim to be the cheapest but we do aim to be your regular Kitchen, Furniture, French polishing service provider.
Our company essentially provide you with a choice of quality wood finishes including traditional hand finishing, lacquer and paint spraying at value prices.

We also offer UPVC Spray Painting in Glasgow and Scotland – visit us at

Why go to all the hassle of replacing your kitchen or even kitchen doors when you can have your Kitchen Sprayed to a superb high-quality finish that gives your kitchen a “straight out of the showroom” look?

As part of the King Group which includes King Decorators, we are also the most advanced hand painters of kitchens, our system for hand painted kitchens is second to none, our guys spent 5 days training at the ICA paint factory in Italy were we learned the techniques involved for leaving a flawless finish to your kitchen units.

With vast experience and expertise, we assure our customers that not only will you be able to enjoy a top quality sprayed finish, you will also benefit from friendly, hassle-free service.
Peace of mind dealing with a top class professional company who offers you a 2 year Guarantee, no other company in Scotland offers this.

Kitchen Spray Experts are so confident in our work and the specialist paint we use that no other company in Scotland can offer you the service we can.

We always carry out a full assessment of your kitchen and your requirements prior to commencing work. We have a comprehensive range of colours and portfolio available to Spray your Kitchen with.

Any colour over 10,000 to choose from.
Matt, Satin, Gloss, High Gloss, polished, Metal look, Chrome finish, Copper.

More and more people in Glasgow and the West of Scotland are embracing the idea of spraying or coating their kitchen doors rather than replacing and Kitchen Spray Expert have you covered!

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