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Kitchen Spraying. The People and the Process behind our work.

Why spend a fortune on a new kitchen when we can create a whole new look for a fraction of the cost!
By using the latest kitchen respray & refurbishment techniques, we can give new life to your existing kitchen.
We will refurbish and respray your kitchen units in any colour of your choice.

We are extremely proud of our Kitchen spraying heritage which dates back to 1985, from then we have sprayed and hand painted over 500 kitchens across Scotland and the rest of the UK.


Our respray service offers the opportunity to update and refurbish your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

“You don’t have to shell out thousands of pounds to get a new kitchen!”

We offer a professional paint spraying and re-lacquering service to all designs of kitchens, furniture and many other items.  We can spray paint all types of woods including pine, oak, veneers, laminates and formica, mdf, plastics, metals, etc.

We can now fully refurbish your kitchen by professional hand spray painting or hand brush
painting the existing kitchen doors,drawer fronts, plinths, cornice, light pelmet and all associated panels.

Our kitchen cupboard respray and refurbishment service offers the opportunity to update and revamp old kitchens. This service can be carried out much cheaper than the replacement of an existing kitchen, is quicker, and offers much less disruption.

There is minimal disruption to your daily life and home, and you will retain full use of your kitchen for the entire duration.  We have a state of the art spray booth at our premises in Glasgow so most items are taken away for spraying.  Non-removable items are sprayed on-site, generally over one to two days.  Our team will leave your home clean and tidy on leaving, and take all rubbish with them.

For Kitchen Resprays, our team can either collect and deliver back to you or you can bring the items to us.

You can choose absolutely any colour and we also have a colour matching service.  Either way you will have a bespoke and unique look, and the choice of colour does not affect the price.

KSC are the Scotland’s number 1 paint spraying specialists.  Our team work hard every day to provide our customers with the best possible service, from expert and friendly advice to professionally respecting your home and belongings when working on site.

The Process

Day 1

Day 1

  • At your home

• Remove doors, draws & plinths etc
• Prepare all non removable parts for spraying
• Mask all adjacent areas ready for spraying
• Apply primer and topcoats (touch dry in 30mins)
• Remove all maskings and clean up

At your home
At Our Workshop
Days 2 to 5

Days 2 to 5

  • At Our Workshop

• Refurbish all removed parts in our workshop.
• Prepare & spray all parts in the colour of your choice.

Days 6 and 7

Days 6 and 7

  • At your home

• Return to your property to refit your kitchen to complete your kitchen transformation.

At your home

Customer Feedback

Pricing Guide


Small Kitchen

5 Drawers and 6 Doors
£1150 From
  • Includes end panels, plinths, cornice.

Medium Kitchen

8 Drawers and 16 Doors
£1800 From
  • Includes end panels, plinths, cornice.

Large Kitchen

10 Drawers and 25 Doors
£2200 From
  • Includes end panels, plinths, cornice.

Rated Scotlands Number 1 Kitchen Sprayers

Our primary focus is on high customer satisfaction, by ensuring we offer the best in advice and Service. If you require a personal recommendation within your area just email Joe and he will be sure to have a satisfied customer near you.